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A is for artist...

It is like a mini visual bombardment which “hits” us on an emotional level at first while moving to an intellectual level when we start looking at the stories those images tell us. A Professor once told me that a work of art should seem “complete” at every stage of the process and it is exactly what happens here. Politics, social issues, beauty, love, anger, sadness, physics all come to the forefront as we focus on different parts of the artwork, sometimes even contradicting, not only one another, but the piece as a whole as well. 


The different materials which in theory are completely out of place turn out to blend in as if they are an integral part of each other. From fabric to stones and from marble to paper we get every day objects becoming something new and fresh.


One very quickly realises that this is something different. Despite the use of techniques as old as mosaic or collage none of those words, or any other for that matter, offers a fair description of the piece one faces. Does it really matter ?

It does when one is asked and has to explain what one does. No word, no sentence, no essay can provide a just description and prepare the spectator for what he/she is about to see. That's the “curse” of defying labels, especially when it is not something forced but on the contrary it is something completely natural.


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