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My collages are the product of my obsession, to deconstruct and reconstruct ,images ,materials and ideas. Memories and thoughts drawn from my subconscious or the impressions and emotions from the every day theatre of life,like on TV. While watching the news being visually and cerebraly attacked by political agendas and the wars and the celebrities and again death ,hunger, violence and disasters followed by glamour and then a film with an actress making love and back again the news with an injured child, the conditions in Africa and then an advertisement of champagne. This obsession, had been a kind of unconscious plan to create scenarios, stitching together emotions and events. I started with mosaics and I continue with mixed media and my new passion the collage, using art to create art. The collages become my calender to keep notes in spontaneous way and to confess my deepest, unspoken, sometimes violent and provocative views on the main subjects concerning humans.


Si ce sont les plumes qui font le plumage ce n'est pas la colle qui fait le collage

Max Ernst

(I do agree!!! reconsidering and lightening my unbearable heaviness of being...)

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