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Solo Shows

2011 "Reliquarium", Moscow Biennial, Musivum Gallery, Moscow
2010 The temple of Nature, "art play", Moscow
2008 Royal Museum of Art and History of Cinquantennaire, Brussels, Belgium
2007 "Crown", relief mosaic installed next to the sarcophagus of His Holliness the Pope John-Paul II, Vatican.
2007 Tour et Taxis Royal Hall, sponsored and under the patronage of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Brussels, Belgium
2006 Grand Hyatt Hotel, sponsored by Dexia Bank and Qatar Airways, Dubai, U.A.E.
2006 Abu Dhabi Golf Club, organised by Qatar Airways
2005 Brauweiler Abbey Kapitelsaale, Koeln, Germany
2005 St. Pantaleon Romanesque monument, Koeln, Germany
2004 "Manifest of the Stone", Greek embassy in Brussels, Belgium
2004 "Manifest of Stone", Art in the City hall, Lindenthall-Koeln, Germany
2004 "Manifest of the Stone", Art in the Langerichts (Senior Court) Aachen, Germany
2004 "Manifest of the Stone", Leverkusen, organised by the Morsbroich Museum, Germany
2003 Exhibitions Hall of the city of Dûsseldorf during the Paralympics Gala organised by the I.O.C.
2003 "Written on Stone", Gallery Amagalma, Brussels, Belgium
2002 Historic City Hall of Koeln, under the patronage of the Mayor, Germany
2002 Hilton Hotel of Brussels, Belgium
2002 St Pantaleon Medieval monument of 10th century, Koeln, Germany
2001 Economic and Social Committee of E.U. in Brussels, under their patronage
2000 Galerie Soho in Den Haag, The Netherlands
1999 "Espace Bortier", organised by the city of Brussels, Belgium
1997 European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
1991 Odaquye Museum of Tokyo, organised by the renowned Japanese publishing group Yomuri Shimbun and the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan and the Association of the Japanese Museums, Japan
1991 Seibu Museum in Osaka, organised by the Yomuri Shimbun, Japan
1991 Robison's Gallery in Utsunomiya, organised by Yomuri Shimbun, Japan
1986 Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece
1983 Zygos Gallery, Athens, Greece

Selected Group Shows

2004 Olympia Kunst und Griecheland, Airport gallery Frankfurt under the patronage of N.O.C. of Germany
1998 Greek painting 1968-1988 organised by the Greek National Gallery at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium
1986 Greek contemporary art Gallery "Zygos", Washington D.C., U.S.A.
1974 Greek Biennale (Athens) selected to participate while still studying, Athens, Greece


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